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Prospect Analysis of 3D Printing Technology

必威外围网址is a kind of incremental manufacturing technology, which belongs to rapid prototyping technology. It is a technology that uses forming equipment to build entities based on three-dimensional model data of parts or objects.

3D Printers

3D Printers

Application fields of 3D printing technology

The use of three-dimensional printing technology can not only quickly produce a 1:1 physical model, but also conduct a real evaluation of the human-machine world of the product, making it more in line with human needs.

After the birth of3D Printers, it was mainly used for model making in aerospace, machinery, medical, construction and other industries in the early days. As it further matures, 3D printers have begun to be used to manufacture high-tech components such as cars and airplanes, skin, bones and other living tissues.

Experts predict that in the near future, everything from shoes, glasses, kitchen appliances, automobiles and other products can be produced with 3D printers.

In addition, 3D printing is widely used in the military field. 3D printing is widely used in the research and development of China's first fighter J-15, multi-purpose fighter-bomber J-16, stealth fighter J-20, and fifth-generation fighter J-1 31. technology.

The development prospects of the 3D printing industry

With the further development and maturity of intelligent manufacturing, new information technology, control technology, material technology, etc. are continuously being widely used in the manufacturing field, and 3D printing technology will also be pushed to a higher level. In the future, 3D printing equipment will move towards miniaturization and giantization. Small printing equipment can not only meet the requirements of home and office use, but also achieve good applications in print shops that provide 3D printing services; giant printers can meet the use needs of large manufacturing plants such as aerospace and automobile manufacturing companies. At the same time, 3D printing is also developing towards intelligence. 3D printing software can realize different response methods based on changes in factors such as materials, structure, and manufacturing environment, and realize intelligent manufacturing.

To sum up

From the birth of3D Printing Technologyto the present, technological innovation and upgrading have continued to deepen. With the rapid development of the computer Internet industry, 3D printing will have a more profound impact on production and life. The development of 3D printing is both an opportunity and a challenge. It should be noted that the development of only the technology layer is far from enough. We should do enough work to transform the industrial model and promote technological innovation to make 3D printing technology better for manufacturing Industry innovation and transformation provide new development impetus.


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